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Mentoring: Brothersons pt 4

Now I'm ready! Now I'm READAAAY!

I'm ready tooooo... give a prophetic word. bahahah.

But really though, oftentimes when I would look at someone and think to myself, "are they the one, God?" I felt a little while after that Dakota might be the one... the fourth one. Turns out, he obviously was. I really wanted to connect with him, but with his work and school schedule, and my family/volunteer schedule, there was only one place and one time to meet.

Next week. Late night. Tim Hortons. Where apparently all of my good conversations happen there (one day, Barlow, one day). We get to chatting. After we briefly share a bit about ourselves, it's clear that Barlow is the fourth piece to my puzzle of mentees. We stood outside, in almost freezing temperatures wearing our cardigans when I formally ask him, "may I mentor you, be a big brother and spiritual father of sorts?" Man, the toothy grin that Dakota shot from ear to ear as he said "yis. plz. thank u." We proceeded to stand outside of our vehicles in freezing temperatures until 1 AM. Whoops. It's not like my kids wake up 5.5 hrs from then.

Dakota is a bit unlike the others, he's more of an old soul. When we sat down in Timmies that night, I was pulling out journals looking for the dream of him I had 2.5 years earlier. I wanted to bring it that night to show him the details of the dream. It turns out, I grabbed the wrong journal - so amidst my art journal, my personal thoughts journal, my revelations/bible/Jesus journal, my goals journal, my current dream journal, I pulled out my OLD dream journal. "Wow, I need to step up my journal game," he remarked.

With Dakota added to our group, we are now a happy group of "BRO BROS" (the name of our FB Msger group). In November of 2021, we were aiming to all connect together in person for the first time! My dream was to see Arthur, Barlow, Cyrus, Dakota, and myself altogether in an Airbnb in Victoria.

For this trip, we needed a financial miracle. Yahweh (as The Provider) was very clearly telling me "Book the trip." While we didn't have all the money readily available, out of faith I put the deposit down for the place we were staying at. It was on the 7th story of an apartment building that looked towards (and past) the Empress to the Inner Harbor. We could watch the sunset from our balcony, we had access to a pool, a small gym, and a rooftop patio access that came along with our Airbnb booking. Along with the AMAZING Airbnb, I bought them all two gifts each. I had also purchased the food for our trip, got the gas money ready, coordinated rides, and was PUMPED (with NOOO money)!

Two weeks before our trip, our church was having a worship service. It's during those post-worship times that I find people and pray for them. Usually, I give them an encouraging word, share I dream I had of them, or do something for others in general. This time was different because one of the people on staff at our church came up to me and said "Someone who asked to remain anonymous wants to send you $888. I'll transfer it to you later tonight." WHAT!? WHAAAT!? WHAT ON EARTH!? Y'know, when God moves - He MOVES. The trip was ENTIRELY covered! I was LIVING off of the tangible goodness of God for that entire week. Then, a week before our trip, one of the BroBros(TM) caught a fever. It came and went infrequently during the day, and later on, he got checked. Turns out, Covid struck. 3 days before our trip, another one of us caught Covid. 2 days before our trip, the lower mainland of BC experienced flooding and the highways were shut down. The trip and all my preparations were canceled, and all the effort and plans I put into this were crushed.

Sort of crushed but still somehow still filled with joy, I got the boys on a Zoom call. Thanks to the generosity of that amazing anonymous human being, I got to order them all their favorite meals via Skip The Dishes. While separated, we all got to connect on Zoom. Over food, too - Barlow's greek food looked the best.

Unfortunately for me, with Dakota entering the chat (literally), a level of imposter syndrome came at me like I've never experienced before. And by this I mean I literally have never experienced imposter syndrome until I finally found my 4. Every call was a wrestle, every personal one-on-one was filled with doubt on my end, and every time of looking forward to seeing my boys was laced with small amounts of dread. I know that with every level of position you gain comes a wrestle from the enemy, and instead of "I'm not ready," this time it was "I'm not worthy."

Not feeling smart enough, not feeling well-educated enough, not feeling theologically advanced enough, not feeling (insert token) enough. I don't recall how long it took for me to get over it, but when I finally won that wrestle, I threw it away almost as fast as I threw Cyrus into a snowbank (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read Mentoring: Brothersons pt 3 here ).

Teaching these guys has taught me more about myself than I expected. Teaching them has allowed me to explore personal areas of my own life I believe would never be healed unless I believed in what Yahweh as my Father was pushing me towards as I became a spiritual father myself. I was comfortable being a "big brother" or a "brotherfriend" as I say. But to have someone close to my heart and watch all the ups and all the downs was outside of my league from day one. The empowerment that comes with my connection with Yahweh has equipped me to act as the Father acts, and love as the Father does. The empowerment that comes with my connection to Jesus allows me to reach out and connect with others in ways I never thought possible. The empowerment that comes with my connection to the Holy Spirit allows me to see, hear, and speak in ways that I wasn't qualified for.

Overflow comes from your connection with the Trinity, and each relationship is just as important as the other (relationships being with Yahweh, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit). And when you create an atmosphere in your home, a room in your heart, and a place in your life to pursue that connection solely for the purpose of connection, the overflow goes into ALL areas of your life. The places where you least expect it, too.

Being a part of Arthur's, Barlow's, Cyrus', and Dakotas lives for 3-ish years has showed me this, and many other lessons that I've learned.

Keep watch: the 5th and final part of this mentoring series will be coming soon.


You're on the 4th blog of a 5 part blog series inspired on by all my mentees, or my "brothersons" as I call them.

In an imaginary scenario of a medieval kingdom, where I'm a Prophetic Wizard, where Arthur is a Paladin Knight, where Barlow would be the King's Head Councilor, where Cyrus is the High Priest, Dakota would be the King's Tutor. He would be well-versed in many cultures, knowledgeable, and the one who teaches the king when he is little.

If there's one thing I hope you take away from this, it's that every new chapter of your book will have a wrestle. The wrestle does not mean you're a failure. Taking a break from the struggles that present themselves is also not failure. Resting is okay, quitting is not. What devastation would come upon Arthur, Barlow, Cyrus, and Dakota if I quit on them?

What devastation would come upon you, if you quit on yourself and what God is calling you to do?

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