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Mentoring: Brothersons pt 3

When is it my time to be sought out and acknowledged?

When is it my time to be randomly encouraged by someone?

When will it be my time to have my wants, needs, and desires met!?

Another wrestle of "I don't want to but I know I should." Thankfully, it was smaller this time. However, even though it was smaller, it was still there. After a moment of prayer & looking for the opportunity to speak with him, I get a chance to sit next to Cyrus. I looked at him and I said, "Hey, not sure what your level of comfortability is with receiving words or hearing God, but I strongly heard Him say, 'You need to confirm that Cyrus has the gift of discernment.'"

Cyrus' eyes widened. He took a deep breath and said "I took a spiritual gifts test a part of my schooling this week, and that was one of my top gifts in the test." It's always encouraging to know that I'm hearing God correctly, but it's especially encouraging to hear that what I'm feeling Yeshua is whispering is detailed and correct. Not some ambiguous "I see the color gold floating over you." and leave it at that. But to hear a detail of something I don't know about and relay it accurately and healthily is a boost my spirit always appreciates.

Suddenly, like a peal of thunder that came from the depths of my heart, I hear this


(g.t. TM, again, again)

I remember trying to not writhe in my chair sitting next to him. I remember feeling physically ill because yet again I have to sacrifice my own craving and desire. Upon receiving more words and encouragements for him, I pray for Young Cyrus and ask if I can mentor him. "Yes."

It was at that moment I found out what Cyrus' last name was. A year earlier I was chatting with some of Cyrus' family, and they mentioned him. His quirks, his interests, his joys, and his trials. While Cyrus at the time lived in a different town, too far away for me to casually drive and visit, I prayed while I was driving home "God, if it's possible at all I would love to mentor Cyrus." There was a deep cry in my heart to connect with him. I never expected that to actually happen. It was a full-circle moment of seeing how Yahweh was in the ever-apparent process of readying me.

With the many challenges that we face in life on a regular basis, whether it was from health restrictions to schedule conflicts with work and family, it was hard to meet up person-to-person. One thing that Cyrus and I love is movies. While our taste in movies is almost completely opposite, the one we could agree upon was Interstellar. We set our video call, told each other to press play at the same time (this is before Netflix parties were a thing), and did NOT press play at the same time... the first 3 times. Finally, we lined it up and started having an online movie night at 10:00 PM. For those of you who haven't seen Interstellar, it's just shy of 3 hours. So we definitely had some quality bonding time.

Once restrictions lifted, Cyrus and I spent a lot of time together. Many late-night Tim Hortons school study/writing sessions, many dinners at my house, much smack-talk over who's the better Mario Kart driver, loads of sleepovers followed with morning coffees to the sounds of my kids screaming at 6:30 AM, and even a couple of pranks later, Cyrus and I - despite our many differences - grew exceedingly close.

One of my favorite memories of Cyrus is when he spent the night at my house, but while he slept we received around 10 inches of snow, causing his car to get stuck. We got some shovels, made hot chocolates, and got to work. We "rocked" his car back and forth, we dug, we threw boards under his tires, we threw dirt onto the boards for more traction, and no matter what we did he was still stuck. After a while of getting literally nowhere, I looked under his car and found out his skid plate(the plastic cover below the engine) was broken and collected loads of snow as we tried to drive backward. I grabbed some tools, some gloves and dove underneath his car to work on it.


Mind you, the entire time we were shoveling his car out he threw the occasional snowball, this time it was a bit more personal.

I picked up one of the boards we used prior (to his oncoming demise) and ran towards him with it... full tilt. (that was a grammar pun) My expectations were that he would flinch, he would be caught off guard, and he would drop the snowballs he had in hand... and yell juuust a bit. My expectations were correct. He dropped his handful of ice blocks, raised his hands in the air, and squealed juuust a bit. As I ran full tilt, I dropped the board close to him, latched my arms around his waist, and chucked him into a snowbank. On his way down, I think he had time to think about his life choices as he said "EEAAGGHHH!".

Cyrus got up ridiculously fast (he's into sports, what can I say) and tried running to gain some distance, but, I caught him once again. I threw him into the snow one last time, just for good measure. He ran off again and kept throwing the occasional snowball, buuut we all know who won this small tussle.

Time with Cyrus is very treasured, as are all of my mentees. The times where we have goofball moments like that are just as important as the times where I help develop their giftings, their callings, their identities. While one could say that developing the identity of someone can be more important, it's the times of playful wrestles and smack-talks over MarioKart are the times more remembered, more fondly looked back upon. Their identities will be built up in them through time, and it will be a part of who they are... but - unlike identity, which is ever-growing - those moments are things you can't go back and access, grow or develop, which makes them all the sweeter.

Mentoring is a dream come true. And while I've had tremendous breakthroughs in my own life, amazing healing, and a joy I never expected in mentoring, something felt missing. I could see that I was growing "in my weakness," and I started to actively keep my eyes out for the fourth mentee. During another gathering at our church, I meet a fellow that I had a dream about 2.5 years prior. The person leading and hosting this gathering said "go find people you don't know, share a bit about yourselves and pray together." Up to me walks Dakota. "You're the only person in this room I've never met." he said.

You're the person I had a dream of about 2.5 years ago. I thought to myself.


Hello everyone,

You're reading the 3rd part of a 5 part series called Mentoring: Brothersons.

One of the special things I love about Cyrus is his humor. My wife has mentioned every time Cy comes over that I get all giddy and riled up like a 5-year-old on candy. There's a deep level of joy I find myself in when we spend time together.

In an imaginary scenario of a medieval kingdom, where I'm a Prophetic Wizard, where Arthur is a Paladin Knight, where Barlow would be the King's Head Councilor, Cyrus would the High Priest. The overseer of spiritual growth, a leader in the faith, and someone with a deep grasp of our spiritual faith.

If there's anything you take away from this blog, I hope it is this:

By actively following instructions from God, your relationship with Him will build. You'll get greater and greater directions, too. The more He sees you taking action on the small things, the greater the detail of things He'll share with you. If that means waiting for 2 years to receive your next big step, wait. Don't get bored and make something happen for yourself. Be still and know that He is Yahweh, and He is with you.

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