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May 2021- September 2022

This season for me has been incredible! With highs and lows, ups and downs, ins and outs, I'm in awe of what's happened these past 13 months.

Alllooowww me to fill you in:

It was May(ish) of 2021 when I had a dream that Michelle and I would be walking through a season of inconvenience before we get our next home. (the actual dream is that we walked

into a convenience store and while it was slightly awkward finding our way through, we ended up walking up some stairs into our new house with friends waiting for us - but that's on dream interpretations which we can get to in another blog.)

I tell my amazing wife that this is great news (lol, wrongo) because we'll get a new house soon! Not necessarily wanting to be inconvenienced, but excited about a new place for our growing family (not pregnant, our current boys are just big lol). I hoped for a nice, short 3 months of inconvenience. In the following 6 months (May-Nov) our van broke down 6 times (thank you to those who borrowed your vehicles to us!), our deep freeze broke, and the health issues (if you haven't read Rest Vs Unrest, read here) were a dime-a-dozen.

During this 6 month span, part of my task load for an old job was painting the exterior of a house. This is mind-numbing, satisfying, rest-giving work for me. Painting interiors or exteriors is a very peaceful experience. While painting this house I would have a lot of God Thoughts(TM). There would be many times I would have a paintbrush in one hand, and my phone in the other while I voice-to-text prophetic words to people. It was August of 2021 when I heard "You are going to move. You can accept your season now, or you can accept it later - but it will happen regardless." I accepted at the moment, voice-to-texted my wife, and kept on painting. I had so many dreams about houses in the following months. There were over 8 house dreams with real houses that exist in actual areas of town, with people included in these specific dreams. Oftentimes I would pack up the boys and drive off with them, looking for these specific houses. Color, trim, yard space, sheds, added studios, driveways, and more details like that would be shown to me in dreams, and lo - they were true. One dream was that we had an old, outdated house given to us. There was an L-shaped master bedroom that looked over the entire property, a certain colored exterior with a certain (ugly) colored carpet on the interior. A kitchen with oak cabinets and a breakfast nook by the door, along with glass doors separating the formal dining room and the living room. It even had a small, brown, one-bedroom studio rancher that I turned into an office in this dream. I looked online for houses for sale and to the very last detail I found it, however, it was 899k. And nooo one gave it to us hahah. While having hopes of a new house to accommodate our family, none of these 8+ places were offered to us.

While this happened, my wife and I kept hearing "wait." in our prayers. There's definitely a choice you can take when you hear a wait.

1. There's an active wait, where you do other things while believing the thing you're waiting for is being divinely lined up.

2. There's a passive-aggressive wait, where you put everything on hold because you feel like God's timeline will absolutely match your timeline.

3. There's an anxious wait, where you "secretly plan a backup plan" while waiting on God. 4. There's a "let's not" wait, where you go absolutely outside of what God has planned for you. I can confidently say I went through all four of those "waits."

While in the end, my heart was finally in the "active wait," I would flicker through the rest of them on a regular basis, forgetting the goodness of God in the process.

Moments of bitterness, moments of lamenting, and to be quite real, moments of absolute disgust in regard to our many situations. The words I would say to my wife is that "this is an inconvenience." I would say that with a bittersweet heart posture. Bitter because of what's happening, sweet because I knew this was just for a season. The ambiguous dream I had about having a new house e v e n t u a l l y was what I needed to get through the multiple van breakdowns on the side of the road, the many health issues, and the times of total exhaustion which caused me to sleep for 16ish hours in a single day. That one tiny shred of an unforeseen promise helped me out.

We found out in August of 2022 that our house was being sold (not bitter about it, as we knew we were going to move a year in advance HAHAHA). I had a moment of total rejoicing, I danced in our kitchen and screamed like our 4-year-old (he very obviously gets that from me). Except, we had one major issue with this: our personal/work schedules worked exactly opposite of the showings for our place. We ended up staying at our family's house in town for a week to allow people to view our place without having to pack up our boys and move them around multiple times a day... in and out for early wake-ups, naps, late nighttimes, and so on. While we stayed in town at our family's house, I had a dream that my health would start to trend upward instead of its consistent downward cycle. The next day I had a literal life-changing appointment with a naturopath.

I had a lengthy 1 and a 1/2-hour chat. It was so thorough, and for the first time I felt like I was heard about my various health issues. Turns out my nervous system, digestive system, and lymphatic system were pretty damaged (among other things). I was given some instructions, supplements, and best wishes. In my 6-week follow-up appointment, my life was almost entirely different... for the better.

On September 8th, I was given a word from someone that God would move in my favor. On that same day, a couple of hours later, our gracious friends offered one of their houses to rent. We asked if we could pre-move into the house, as it was currently empty, and they said yes. Almost every day leading up to our official move date of September 28th I took van-load by van-load and moved my family in slowly. (It was the perfect drip acclimation for the boys.) While I was there on one of our many visits, I realized that earlier in the year I had written in my dream journal, "(loosely quoting for privacy reasons) Lived very close to our friends, if not next door neighbors with them. In this area of town near a school - and in the same neighborhood as our other friends." The house and all its various attachments were a fulfillment of a dream I had 8 months earlier in January.

On our move date, I'm physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, etc.etc.etc. well enough to move almost every single item into our house by myself. Let's take in mind that I couldn't open car doors, lift my kids, do dishes, or hold an empty coffee cup without having a physical failure in my arms or legs.

I moved 2 tables, 1 couch, 3 desks, 3 beds + bed frames, side tables, multiple chairs, 2 TVs (one I'm using as a computer monitor right now), dressers, a piano, carpets, linens, clothes, kitchen goodies, foods, and MORE. I could not walk without being in pain 9 weeks ago - and now I'm running with furniture in my arms pain-free. (Oh I just remembered, a very gracious neighbor helped me move our king-sized bed in so I didn't get dirt on it myself)

Our season of inconvenience is finally over, we have our house, my health is the best it's been in years (only getting better), and tomorrow I'M BUYING AN AIR FRYER*!!! To quote Jack Black's character, Nacho, from Nach-Libre, "My life is gooooood, r e a l goooood." My family and I are settling into our new house, enjoying the new neighborhood,

and excitedly meeting new people in our area. We looove being able to see the grey, brown, and white rabbits out of our windows in the morning. We love having an office space that can house both my workspace and my wife's workspace as well. This journey of ours has led us somewhere good, and we are grateful. If you have been praying for us, I sincerely thank you. You'll hear from me soon with in-depth details about my health - stay tuuuned!


oh hey, didn't see you there. if you've made it this far, congrats haha you must be a die-hard fan of reading personal journals lol.

you might be wondering about the asterisk following the air fryer is about. *ahem* *I have wanted an air fryer for 5 years and have repeatedly mentioned it (but we had next to no kitchen space in our old house) and tomorroowww IS. THE. TIME.

k thanx bye :)

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