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Breakthroughs, from a friend.

I have a couple of friends in Europe, and recently they've been reading my blog. One of the two sent it to another one of their friends, they were quite grateful to read my perspective about the struggles of waiting (as per my last blog). And my other friend, who I'll reference as Avalon (due to my name being Merlin ahahah), or Ava for short, read it with her aunt and specifically asked if I'd write something again... I've got 5 blogs in my drafts, for some reason I'm currently unable to fully process the happenings of my life in written form. But, this blog is dedicated to my European friends. BUCKLE YA BUNS, IT'S GUNNA GET WILD!


"SHALOOOOM FRIENDO" This is the usual greeting I - rather aggressively - send to people when I want to check in and see how things are. Sometimes, followed up with one of the following phrases: "How's uuu?" "How's thine heart?" "I SAID HOW'S THINE HEART!?" (i promise the aggression is out of a place of brotherly love hah)

My wife has noted I'm a very intensely seasonal friend, she made this known to me as we discussed relational dynamics with friends. During one season of life, Avalon was someone Yahweh was bringing up consistently.

Ava was going through a difficult time, and while I have permission to share the breakthroughs she has walked through recently, I'll keep the fine details respectful. My friend was going through a time where her sleep was being affected, eating was being affected, family and friend life was also being affected by a myriad of issues. This sounded so familiar to me, as I just recently came out of my roughest season of life in health on various levels, family and friend life. When times like this happen to someone I know I am brought back to this chunk of the Living, Breathing, Word of Yahweh.

Blessed [gratefully praised and adored] be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts and encourages us in every trouble so that we will be able to comfort and encourage those who are in any kind of trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For just as Christ’s sufferings are ours in abundance [as they overflow to His followers], so also our comfort [our reassurance, our encouragement, our consolation] is abundant through Christ [it is truly more than enough to endure what we must]. 2 Cor 1:3-5

Ava and I joined the same spirit-filled, life-giving and quite frankly LIFE-CHANGING group chat in November of 2022. People on there were wild, sharing the craziest testimonies, the most amazing encounters, miracles, signs, wonders, biblical revelations, YOU NAME IT - IT WAS THERE! (fun fact we prayed for a hamster and it was healed lol)

The things that Avalon was going through really resonated within me - I could feel this deep, intuitive and inherent creativity inside waiting to be released. The talents, the ideas, and writings and paintings... I could feel them longing to be made real. This gave me joy - because I can see these things, I can speak life over them. But for Ava, this was quite the opposite.

Through a series of intentional, well timed and (equally aggressive) Spirit-led "I SAID HOW'S THINE HEART?!" messages, I saw that there were somethings that needed to happen.

Forgiveness, Repentance, and Surrender - in that order.

With my position as a mentor to some, these are things that we go through on a regular basis with those under me. I'm starting up monthly calls where before every time we sit down to pray, hear Yahweh, intercede, and learn to encounter His Voice, we go through these things.

Forgiveness looks like this, "I forgive _______ for ______, and for anything they have done against me or my kingdom intentionally or unintentionally. I release them and bless them in Jesus Name." Repentance looks like this, "I repent for _______, and for anything I have done against Your Kingdom intentionally or unintentionally." Surrender looks like this, "I surrender ______ at the foot of the cross - I lay this down at King Jesus' feet. It is His now, and since He's paid for it I'm giving it to Him."

Like many things in life, there are varying levels for each process. To quote my good friend of mine, Shrek, "Ogres are like onions... ogres have l a y e r s." When it comes to creative stagnancy, emotional ruts, mental blocks, or even physical health issues, things often come in layers. My wife and I chatted about something she read a while few years ago. "Ask yourself why at least 6 times, and then you'll find out why you're doing what you're doing." When you forgive yourself, you'll most likely have to go deeper, deeper and deeper. When you repent, you'll most likely have to go deeper, deeper and deeper. When you surrender, and follow the same process, you'll get lighter, lighter and lighter. Ava told me that she had a hard time connecting with Yahweh. It was hard to connect with someone she loves so much, but after she went through these processes... well, let me allow Avalon to tell her story: (again, sharing with her permission) July 2nd *I send the document I wrote on the FPS process* July 14th I have noticed a difference where I feel less low and more sensitive to Yahweh :) I think that’s particularly because of forgiveness. When I reflect on instances that hurt me, I no longer feel upset about them like before. July 25th The process is going well I think. I‘ve done my best to give everything to Yahweh. I’m not aware of any grudges I’m holding against [people] anymore. Aug 13 My creativity may not be flourishing yet but I’ve been doing some cross stitch.

Aug 27 I always check in with the Lord before I go to sleep (confess sins, forgive people) before reading scripture or a devotional.

Sept 1 Now Merlin, don’t get too excited butttt this week I’ve started doing some writing Sept 11 Helloooo Merlin!

I’ve been meaning to message you for the past week but only just got round to it 🙃

Recently I felt prompted to read your blog posts! I received some mega encouragement so THANK YOU. I shared them with my aunt and it’s safe to say that we both think you are the bees knees! :D

Do you plan to write more blog posts in the future? Because what you write is the perfect blend of honest and uplifting. (NEEDED THIS AVA, THANK UUU)

Secondly, I had been believing that I was inferior to everyone because I didn’t have the same level of experiences, revelation, encounters, giftings etc.

but Yahweh showed me how silly that is so I’d like to honour what I have been given, [and start writing more!]


When I hear that people step of stagnancy, when I hear about the power of forgiveness, repentance and surrender tangibly shifting someone's life... that's when I become extra grateful for Yahweh taking me through what I have been through. I bless you reading this, to all my friends and family in Europe. I hope you incorporate this into your life and receive the same breakthroughs.


If you're wanting more information on the layers of the FPS process or on any of the other things I teach, contact me! I'd love to write more so if you want to read something specific, email me at Hear from you soon :) Merlin


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