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For those​ of you whom I have not met, hello - my name is Merlin King (promise, it's real)! 

Everyone has dreams, everyone's got a few stories to share, a lesson they need to teach, and a thing that they have to create. If you haven't guessed yet, I've got a lot of those. 

Welcome friends!  Welcome to my dreams, stories, teachings, and creative works!  

My art ranges from whimsical acrylics to playful watercolors. My niche is painting with coffees, inks, pigments, and wine.  I LOVE painting on old bible pages or old dictionary pages.  Let's not forget digital art + illustrations :) 


I'm very inspired by animals, plants, trinkets, and jewelry.  My artist-hero-man-crush is Vincent Van Gogh (I read his autobiography every now-and-again).​


A large part of my writings are based on the dreams I have at night.  I have some reocurring "themed" dreams that last sometimes over a period of a few years.  Often I turn them into allegorical short stories.  Sometimes, however, I'm a very famous wizard from Lord of the Rings. 

The other remaining portions of my writings are either bible-based teachings, life lessons, or personal stories.  I may be young, but I have lived a lot of life.  From my many ventures and from my dreams, I've developed a fondness for journalling.

While my love for coffee started to brew within me at the ripe old age of 18, my love and joy for creativity, art, and writing have been in me since childhood.  I've always been finding nooks in any house (or coffeeshops) I'm into paint or write in.  Living room sun-spots, bedroom corners, dining room tables, the trunk of a car, outside on the patio, in a hammock, at a beach... anywhere, really.

My life long dream of having a studio of my own finally came to pass April of 2021!  My tiny little space is affectionately called "The Nest."


As you'll notice in my newer paintings, I stopped using my name as a signature.  I've never been a huge fan of slapping my name onto a canvas, it takes away from the painting a bit.  As of 2020, I used a simple crown as my signature.  

Lastly, a tad bit of fun facts about me:

1. Favorite drink: Mocha no whip... sometimes with 4 shots of espresso. 

2.  Average 1-3 coffees a day.  I drink anywhere from 1.5 - 3 liters of water a day, so no need to be concerned about my kidneys.

3.  I was a barista for 4 years.

4.  I have been married for over 5 years with 2 kids!  My wife and I are both creative in our respective areas.  She's talented in gardening and creating little knick-knacks for our house <3 

5.  We JUST got a kitten.  His name is Atlas.  A very spunky, life-filled, and claw-bearing runt of the litter.  We're happy with him and he's happy with us!

6. I'm am PASSIONATE about mentoring and leading youth.  I mentor a number of people and love'm dearly.

7.  During my barista years, I once drank 13 double shots of espresso and didn't sleep for 36 hours :)


(i had free coffee at work)
(i didn't know how bad it would be)
(i crashed hard and slept for nearly a day)

8. My personality types are:
- Myers Briggs:  INFJ-A
-Enneagram: 4w5

Well friends, thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy yourself here!  I hope you learn something, I hope you get inspired, I hope you begin to create!

 - Merlin

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